Automotive Window Tinting

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Auto Window Tinting

Auto Window Tinting | iTint Professional Glass Tinting - Lake Wales, FL

Auto window tinting offers car owners many advantages, and at iTint Professional Glass Tinting, we only use quality films to provide our customers with the best in sun protection, security and privacy. With experienced technicians always ready to tint your car at our center in Lake Wales, FL, or through our mobile service for a nominal fee, you can be assured of expert tint application and a first class service.

Some of the benefits of our automotive window tinting service include:

• Protection against the sun’s UV rays
• Added privacy and security
• Reduced risk of theft from your car
• Improved window strength and safety
• Experienced, skilled technicians for perfect application

At iTint Professional Glass Tinting, we always use film from the biggest and best quality brands in the industry, coupled with dedicated members of our team who strive to achieve a perfect finish every time. Auto window tinting offers you and your passengers protection against the sun’s UV rays by deflecting them and keeping the vehicle’s interior cool. Window tinting also provides added privacy because people outside will not be able to see into your car. Finally, window tinting helps to protect your interior furnishings and fittings from fading.

The extra privacy afforded by our specialist tints also means a reduction in the risk of theft from your car, as intruders cannot see into the car, as well as added security provided by the layer of film, which will hold most of the glass in the event of a breakage. Our experienced technicians will skillfully apply the film to your car’s windows for a perfect finish, enhancing your car’s look and even potentially adding value.

We also offer our customers convenient ways to pay by accepting cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Call iTint Professional Glass Tinting today and ask for a quote.

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