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Paint Service

Paint Service | iTint Professional Glass Tinting - Lake Wales, FL

Hello, friends and acquaintances, we are iTint Professional Glass Tinting and we continue to be the number one paint service in Lake Wales! Not only is it important to take care of the exterior of your car, it’s also important to select the right service. You can rest at ease that you’ve hired the very best in the field when you get in touch with our highly experienced professionals. There’s no time to waste and certainly no room for error. The well-being of your car depends on it. Cosmetic appearance of your car is just as important as the infrastructure. We realize that you want your car looking its very best, and we’re prepared to accompany you every step of the way.

iTint Professional Glass Tinting is a top notch car paint service and glass tinting specialist that has your very best interests in mind. We give the absolute best rates and best value. We’ll have your care looking amazing and we’ll always come in at a lower cost than our competitors. Don’t trust your all-important automotive paint to the inexperienced shops. Our auto body paint shop renews its commitment every single day that we’re in operation. Cars are a passion of ours. We supply and install a clear film that goes over the bumper, mirrors, and fender, giving your exterior protection from the elements. Our product protects paint from dirt, rocks, chipping, and anything else the the world throws at you.

It’s important that you be proactive in anticipating the problems and challenges ahead. iTint Professional Glass Tinting will help you secure the value of your vehicle. We’ll keep your car looking as good as it did the first day you bought it. With such an important investment, it makes sense that you’d trust the job to the number one business in the industry.
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